12th Crime Congress

On detecting explosives and other illegal substances

Posted in Uncategorized by 12thcrimecongress on 13 April 2010

Sherman G. McGill, Vice-President of Raptor Detection, Inc., is one of the few representatives from the private sector organizing an ancillary meeting, testament to the fact that this Congress is also an excellent opportunity for information to be exchanged between the commercial and public sectors.

 On Wednesday, 14 April at 12 noon, Sherman will be presenting SAFE-T®, which he describes as “a simple, affordable and highly effective technology for detecting explosives”. The acronym “SAFE-T” stands for Substance-Activated Fast Evaluation Technology. Sherman says that it can also be used “to detect a wide range of substances, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances, and narcotics”.

 SAFE-T® is a clear liquid that becomes coloured when it comes into contact with certain substances, making it an easy to swipe someone’s hand, luggage or a parcel to verify whether a person or object has come into contact with something they shouldn’t have.

 “This is not only useful for law enforcement, it could also be used by courier services, airport security staff and many others”. In conclusion, he summarizes in a Tennessee drawl: “it’s neat stuff”.