12th Crime Congress

How many are we here?

Posted in Uncategorized by 12thcrimecongress on 17 April 2010

Yesterday I got my hands on a copy of the provisional list of participants. It supposedly includes the names of all participants in the Congress and is 86 pages long. That said, the following disclaimer has been printed on every page:

“Due to the unexpected high number of delegates, technical problems with the servers and the electronic system at the convention centre this document is likely to contain a number of errors and double entries”.

According to the information contained in the document, 103 States have sent representatives to Salvador. The size of the delegations varies considerably: the Brazilian delegation alone takes up 38 of those pages (pages 4 to 42), while some countries (for example, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Somalia, Tunisia, Uruguay) have sent only one person.

In addition, the list includes the names of some 40 NGOs and, on top of that, about 180 individual experts, most of whom have been involved in the ancillary meetings.

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